Food bank

We provide essential supplies of food and toiletries to people in need.


We provide household items for people in need and sell bedding, utensils, clothes, books as well as children’s toys at super low prices. We also have a cafe selling hot food and drinks.


We’re good listeners and are always there to offer advice or just someone to talk to when you need it.

How you can help

Success stories

Here’s a couple of stories from amongst the many people we’ve helped. We’ve changed the names.

John’s Story

Crisis over!

John is a young man who came twice with a worker from a shared housing project set up by The Foxton Centre. He had just got a room there after some weeks on the streets and was waiting for his benefits to be sorted out.

On his third visit he told us it would be his last because the crisis was over and he was now getting the benefits to which he was entitled. He was so grateful for the help he had received.

Bill’s Story

It can be a Long Haul! 

Bill is an older man who has a health condition, which led him to be in hospital briefly so he missed his regular Job Centre appointment. On being discharged he found there was to be a delay to his benefits. He was advised to come to Share IT! while things were sorted out.

Bill had recently moved to Preston after his wife of twenty years got involved with another man. Severely depressed by the breakdown of his marriage he had hit rock bottom and been on the streets. With support from The Vicar’s Relief Fund (Radio 4 Christmas Appeal) he had a rent deposit paid for the flat where he now lives. By ongoing counselling he is hoping to get the confidence to be able to see his children again

Latest news

Keep checking in for the latest news on how we’re helping.

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SHARE IT! is a Christian Project run by Holy Family Catholic Church Ingol, St Margaret’s Anglican Church Ingol, West Preston Methodist Church (Ingol site) and St Andrew’s Catholic Church Cottam, with contributions from many others.

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